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More Giveaways And Other Free Stuff

We all like the idea of winning money or prizes.  There are loads of different free lotteries and giveaway contests out there, but we’ve done some thorough checking on all of the below to check they are legit, and all have told us they will never sell on your personal data to third parties.

I’ve ordered them below based on the amount you can win. Have fun entering and good luck!

Free Postcode Lottery – £300 starting pot – 1 in 470,000 chance of winning

The UK’s biggest free lottery site. You’ll need to sign up with your postcode to be entered into several draws every day, including the main draw which has a prize starting at £300. All draws take place at 12pm and you’ll need to check every day – if a prize isn’t claimed it will roll over (the biggest jackpot has reached £1,250).

IMPORTANT: Free Postcode Lottery is 100% free to play, but there’s a totally separate postcode lottery called The People’s Postcode Lottery that costs money to play – we’re only suggesting you play the free one.

DOB lotto – £50 jackpot – 1 in 4,800 chance of winning

A £50 daily jackpot for your date of birth appearing once registered. The winning date of birth will include the day, month and year and you must match each to win the prize. You’ll need to log in and claim in order to get your prize. Draws are at 12pm daily.

Free Birthdate Lottery – £10 starting pot – 1 in 2,500 chance of winning

A daily draw of birth dates, similar to the DOB lotto. The starting jackpot is £10 and increases for each day it is not won. You’ll need to register your birthdate and check the site each day to see if you’ve won. Draws are at 11am daily.

Number Plate Lotto – £10 starting pot – 1 in 18,000 chance of winning

A daily draw of number plates. The starting jackpot is £10 and increases for each day it is not won. You will need to register your number plate and to go on the site each day to check if you’ve won. Draws are at 9pm daily.

Weekly Postcode Lottery – mystery amount – 1 in 100 chance of winning

Weekly winners of mystery cash prizes for your postcode once registered. The prize amount is based on how much the site has made through advertising each week. On this website however, it contacts winners directly if you’ve won… so once you have entered, it does the rest. Draws are Sundays at 10pm.

Free Emoji Lottery – mystery amount – just launched

A brand new Emoji lottery launched recently with the first draw taking place on Sun 14 Aug. Select five emojis and hope they come up in daily draws starting soon. We’ve checked it out and been in touch with the company behind it and it appears to be legit. Extra prizes are being given out for early entrants. Once it starts the draws, you’ll need to check daily to see if you’ve won.

Freemoji Lottery – mystery amount – coming soon

A brand new Emoji lottery launching the first week of August from the company behind the Free Postcode Lottery. You’ll receive an ‘emojiname’ when you sign up (a name in emojis) and if it comes up, you’ll win the prize if you claim in time. Daily draws will be held at 7pm and once it starts, you’ll need to check daily to see if you’ve won. Two people can never win one draw as each ‘emojiname’ is unique.


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